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By Albert Roy

Digital Printing at CG Printing

Digital Printing is revolutionizing the Graphic Arts. It is fast, cheap and excellent quality. Ideal for short, personalized and urgent runs. It provides endless advantages that we can offer you, keep reading to find out about Flex Printing in Lahore.

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Through our online store you can instantly calculate the price of the digital printing of your product, place the order and upload the files. In a few days you will receive it at your home.

If you do not find the product you are looking for or have questions, send us an email  or call us by phone 961 341 277, we will be happy to advise you and help you with whatever you need.

Advantages of printing digitally

  • Very short runs : by not using plates or photolithos, it allows you to print from a few copies of your brochure, book or catalog up to 500 or 1000 units. The usual thing is to use digital printing for 50, 100 or 200 color catalogs or up to 1000 or 1500 black and white books.
  • Speed: printing digitally is the fastest way that exists to have copies of a book, catalog or brochure.
  • Personalization: personalized printing is a very useful resource in advertising, you can vary the contents, put your client’s name on the cover, make several versions of your brochure, all in a simple and economical way.
  • Versatility: It is a suitable technology for color catalogues, color or black and white books, brochures, flyers, fold-outs…
  • Elimination of stock: Only what is necessary is printed and can be reprinted at any time, updating content, correcting errors, etc.
  • Variety of supports: Allows printing on paper but also on other materials such as Adhesive, PVC, Vinyl, Magnets.
  • Special effects: You can print with white ink, varnishes, make engravings, etc…

Print Digitally with HP Indigo

Among all the digital printing machines of La Imprenta CG, the two HP Indigo digital signs printing near me presses stand out, which allow us to meet the highest standards of quality and speed.

The quality offered by HP Indigo is far superior to any other digital press on the market, which is why it is usually known as “digital offset”, unlike other machines it does not use dry toner, it uses what HP calls electroink (ElectroInk) which provides a high-quality photographic print and prevents shadows from being lumpy and unnaturally shiny Vinyl Printing in Lahore.

It is the ideal machine for printing products where quality is essential, such as catalogues, books with color or black and white images, brochures, color brochures and any product that requires high quality. Its high production capacity and the possibility of printing on various supports, cardboard, textured, metallic papers, etc., are also demonstrable.

HP Indigo presses have an integrated spectrophotometer that guarantees the stability of the print run and that the printed color complies with color regulations, avoiding surprises and errors. Its system of consumables, blankets, etc… allows us to change them in a few minutes so that the machine is always like new, without suffering the wear and tear typical of other systems based on drums, fusers, etc, which are used for thousands of copies and that little little by little they deteriorate and give rise to bands, spots, instabilities, etc.

It also allows you to print paper thicknesses up to 350 gr, use white ink, varnishes and special finishes such as engravings, security marks, etc.


Experience in Offset and digital systems

At La Imprenta CG we have 20 years of experience in the offset printing sector, all this background and experience we decided to apply, more than 5 years ago, to digital printing, which makes us one of the Spanish companies with more experience in high-quality digital printing.

We are currently leaders in digital and offset printing and having machinery for both technologies allows us to undertake projects of any type and size. The workshops that have only one type of technology will always tell you that theirs is the right one (even if it is not), we will really study what your communication needs are and we will offer you the best solution in each case.

At La Imprenta CG we combine the experience and know-how acquired over the years with the most modern technologies, we combine offset with digital, varnishes, engravings, stamping, laminated, screen printing, cases, folders… anything you need you can do with us.

We are aware that meeting deadlines is an inexcusable requirement, we understand your needs and we offer you the utmost seriousness and guarantee that your forms will be available when you need them with the highest quality.

We are not a purchasing platform that will subcontract the printing to another who in turn will send it to another… and if a problem arises, nobody knows anything… We are a team of professionals who take responsibility for your work and we do it with the same affection as if it were ours


Binding and shipping

In order to comply with the most demanding quality and with the tight delivery times that are demanded today, it is essential to have your own binding department.

In our workshops we take care of laminating, creasing, stapling, binding in soft cover (rustic), guillotining, shrink-wrapping… everything you need to be able to control all the details and that your work is perfect.

And if your work is an urgent print, having the entire process in the same workshop guarantees us not to lose a minute so that you have it as soon as possible.

All our shipments are made in double-channel boxes to guarantee maximum protection during transport.

To avoid moisture during transport, books or catalogs can be shrink-wrapped (wrapped in plastic) in packages. If you wish, shrink-wrapping can be done individually.

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