Guide and Review of the Interactive Play-to-Earn Game, CryptoBlades-featured

Guide and Review of the Interactive Play-to-Earn Game, CryptoBlades

In the cryptocurrency space, the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming business has developed into a potent idea as non-fungible tokens took off and established a new market niche.

One of the most popular uses for blockchain-based technologies has always been gaming. Even though it’s still young, GameFi has already shown that gamers like the model.

For instance, hundreds of thousands of people were interested in the blockchain and web-based NFT roleplaying game CryptoBlades. In order to optimize transaction efficiency and enhance user experience, it was first implemented on the BNB Chain (BSC) and then spread to other networks. Additionally, CryptoBlades was recognized as the Most Valuable Builder inside the BSC incubator.

The following is a thorough walkthrough of how to play the game as well as an unvarnished account of our experience with CryptoBlades in 2022. You may also view our game video instruction here:

Describe CryptoBlades.

As previously announced, the cutting-edge web-based NFT roleplaying game CryptoBlades debuted on the BNB Chain (formerly – Binance Smart Chain). The play-to-earn game CryptoBlades, created by Riveted Games, introduces a number of mechanics that serve as models for upcoming innovations and trends.

Despite having its origins on BSC, the game has since been introduced to other networks in order to maximize player revenue, increase transaction efficiency, and enhance playability. The game is presently accessible on the following networks as of April 2022, when this article is being written:

  • BNB Chain
  • HECO Blockchain
  • OEC Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Aurora

For the sake of this guide, we’ll walk you through the games using the BNB Chain, although there are several other options that are less expensive and could boost your income.

The reward system, which enables players to acquire SKILL tokens after defeating opponents, is the heart of the game. Players can buy more characters based on different components with those proceeds, build special weapons as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), reforge weapons to boost their total power, trade on the market, or withdraw their tokens entirely.

The game’s native token, SKILL, has over 360,000 owners, according to data from BSC Scan. According to the game’s official website, that number has dramatically increased to over a million now that it supports five networks.

Who Is the Maker of CryptoBlades?

Riveted Games is the name of the video game firm that created CryptoBlades. The company was established in 2014, and some of its main personnel are:

Philip Devine, CEO of CryptoBlades and owner of Riveted Games

Devine established Riveted Titles in 2014, and since then, the company has published a number of games on Steam, the biggest independent video game store in the world. He was the one who created the team from the bottom up and has a background in development.

Leading video game developer Daniel Karsai

In addition to programming, game design, Unity, 3D graphics, and blockchain development, Daniel joined Riveted Games in 2016. He has also contributed to titles like Nations at War, Spoxel, and the distinguished space simulation game Lightspeed Frontier.

Lead front-end developer Kyle Kemp

Kemp is CryptoBlades’ principal front-end developer. He is among the top 0.1% of users for star ratings on Github and is the author of over 108 repositories there. Kemp, a well-known front-end developer in the world, is in charge of the user interface and continuously improves the gaming as a whole.

The team also includes Chief Operating Officer (COO) Nick Newcomer, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) David Diebels, and Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Hutton (CMO).

Basics of Gameplay

You may play this game directly from your browser without downloading a native client thanks to its web-based architecture.

It’s important to note that for the sake of this guide, we will be playing the game utilizing the BNB Chain before getting too far into the gameplay. There are, however, networks that are more cost-effective in terms of transactions.

Links to the team’s thorough video explaining how to link your MetaMask wallet to the OEC network can be found in the description.

Install MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or one of the other supported wallets if you want to explore the CryptoBlades world. Set up the BNB Chain and deposit some BNB as soon as it’s prepared.

After completing this, go to the game’s official website, click the Enter Game button in the upper right corner of the navigation menu, and then choose a network.

We must now acquire some SKILL. You might exchange part of your BNB for SKILL on the well-known decentralized exchange ApeSwap by clicking the link.


You can mint your character from this point. Our first character cost us 0.6185 SKILL at the time we wrote this tutorial, but with the team’s most recent Dynamic Minting upgrade, that cost will undoubtedly go higher. We came up with two characters: Flisp Osresp and Jano Lemesprie:

We need to unpack a couple factors in this situation. The Plaza, which is located on the screen above, is where you may retain up to four active characters. The team did, however, also add the Garrison function, which allows you to have an endless number of characters and select which ones you wish to be active. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your character card and choose the option to send that character to the Garrison.

Additionally, each of our characters has an element icon on top of them. The gameplay and player-versus-player (PVP) activity are both dependent on this.

Essential Statistics Elements

The game consists of four distinct elements:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Water

We were given an Earth and a Lightning character in our circumstance.

An element is allocated to each character, each weapon, and each enemy. Your odds of winning a combat might be increased or decreased by these. For this reason, you should be aware of and have the following in mind while choosing opponents:

  • Earth is superior than Fire, but Water is stronger.
  • Earth defeats lightning but is ineffective against fire.
  • Despite being weak to Earth, lightning defeats water.
  • Fire is defeated by Water, but Lightning is stronger.

As a result, Jano Lemesprie, our Earth character, will be stronger against adversaries that use fire and weaker against lightning.


It’s important to take stamina into account. Every five minutes, one regenerates. You will always start with 200 stamina, which can be utilized all at once for the most benefit. For the best results, you can fight with intervals of 40 stamina.


As you can see, the starting power for each of our characters is 1000 PWR. When we click the question mark, the following information is revealed:

Fighting an opponent with less PWR indicates you are more likely to win the battle, and vice versa. This is a gauge of your character’s power.


In CryptoBlades, one of the key NFTs that players may own is weapons, which you can hold a limitless amount of. Forging weapons, however, comes at a cost; all of them are found under the Blacksmith area.

We shall additionally mint 10 extra weapons only for the sake of this manual.

Each weapon has an element, as you can see from the weapon graphic, which increases its strength against opponents of a weaker element and vice versa. To improve your chances of triumphing in battle, you can mix weapons that are compatible with your character based on their element.

The number of stars on each weapon ranges from one to five. The following are the probabilities of manufacturing certain weapons, according to the whitepaper:

  • 44% for one star
  • 2 stars, or 35%
  • 15% for three stars
  • 5% of four stars
  • 1% of five stars

Fortunately, we were able to produce a five-star weapon:

The Unholy Sculptor is a water element blade that boosts both our power and strength.

There may be a chance to manufacture a unique weapon during specific occasions. These one-of-a-kind weapons provide a special PvP ability to reroll an opponent and provide the choice of a higher grade weapon. They also have a distinct design. Forging Earthen Hope required either using SKILL or shards, as it was Earth Day. At the moment, the only way to get shards is to forge other weapons. Dust may also be used to reforge weapons. You may burn weapons to get Dust instead. In any event, reforging your weapons improves and increases their strength.

In addition to weapons, you may also find equipment like shields, ornaments, and other kinds of armor.


Fight is the game mode where you engage in combat with monsters from the CryptoBlades world.

You can read more about the mathematics used to power the combat feature here. Your combat dashboard will seem as follows:

As you can see, the details regarding your rival are all included. If you need a reminder of which pieces work best together, you can also find a list of them in the top-right corner.

You may also equip your various weapons here. In our scenario, we have chosen to equip a character from the planet Earth with a brand-new five-star sword. Additionally, the game directs your attention to games you are likely to win. However, they also give you fewer points than the more difficult ones, so it is totally up to you to choose the level of risk you want to take when playing.

Once you’ve located your rival, click the top and sign the deal. The algorithm stated in the entry we supplied above will be triggered by this, and the outcome will select the winner. In our situation, we succeeded on the roll and achieved our first-ever win in CryptoBlades!

As you can see, we got 31 experience points and 0.000611 SKILL. The prizes, however, increase in value as you level up since they are level-dependent.

You may choose the PvP option if you play more competitively.

Its Arena

You should be aware of a few facts regarding the Arena. The first thing is that you must pay 3.99 SKILL tokens to join this area of CryptoBlades’ PvP mode. You can attack and be attacked while you’re in the Arena. You will lose 0.9975 SKILL when you leave the arena. Depending on the chain you employ, these wagers can be lower than what is shown below.

You may pick the heroes you wish to use and give them armor and weapons:

Every time you triumph in a combat or effectively repel an attack, you receive ranking points and SKILL prizes. Your opponents will be chosen at random. Consider the fact that stamina is not necessary in Arena. Additionally, it is separated into character levels: 1 through 10, 11 through 20, etc.

It could be difficult to win games against players of a better caliber. But they also give you additional ranking points, increasing your chances of taking first place and moving up the leaderboards at the conclusion of the season.

You can start battling other players as soon as you enter the Arena:

In our situation, we were paired right away with a level 8 player who likewise lacked any ranking points:

If you don’t like your match-up, you can always reroll, but it will cost you some SKILL. You may also leave whenever you choose. Unfortunately, we were unable to succeed in our situation.

You can always fight creatures, go on raids, or complete missions if you’re not a PvP player. Which brings us to our next point: raids.


Raids are a group activity, as many of you who have played any MMO know. In CryptoBlades, it’s the same: you cooperate with other players to take down various bosses and get prizes.

The length of the raiding times and the difficulty of the bosses change depending on your level. Fortunately, you have access to the raid’s total PWR when fighting. When the attack is over and you have triumphed, you also receive your booty.

You can pick weapons that give different multipliers and boost the power of your characters. To enter raiding, you need 200 stamina.


Another method to develop and advance your character is through quests. However, only characters who are not in the Arena may access them. Your characters receive reputation points for completing tasks, which raises their level, experience, and available equipment.

You can ask for missions and then decide if you wish to do them or not:

In order to finish the task, get 12 reputation points, and obtain a new weapon in this instance, we had to provide 280 stamina.

The Bazaar on CryptoBlades Marketplace

The CryptoBlades marketplace, known as The Bazaar, is where you may purchase and sell things and characters. It appears as follows:

You may filter the options and focus your search, as you can see. Then, all you have to do to get started is connect a wallet to a few tokens.

Kingdoms of CryptoBlades: What You Should Know

The group released CryptoBlades: Kingdoms in October 2021. (CBK). It’s a realm having 6,250,000 spots that may be claimed, each measuring 2500 x 2500 and being split 50/50.

Every claimable area may contain a settlement or a prison, or it may, of course, be completely vacant. Stone, clay, and wood are the three main materials found in the communities. These may be employed in both constructing construction and recruiting new soldiers.

Currently, land may be purchased from the Bazaar with KING (to be explained). Additionally, CBK unveiled the KING coin, which has a 1 billion token supply.

The CBK ecosystem is powered by the token, and among the things you can do with it are but are not limited to:

  • modernize a village
  • Claim a new community
  • Send a defense or assistance
  • Give your wallet a moniker

It should be noted that you only utilize KING to purchase gold; all else occurs off-chain and is only obtainable with gold after that.


The main cryptocurrency in CryptoBlades (but not CryptoBlade: Kingdoms) is called SKILL. Players use it to obtain stuff, take part in arena, fight monsters, engage raids, and do much more in the near future.

According to the official whitepaper, the supply of SKILL is allocated in accordance with the following system:

  • 35% IDO
  • 20% of gameplay incentives
  • 20% for development
  • 15% Initial Liquidity
  • 10% liquidity incentives

There are 1,000,000 SKILL coins available overall.


It may be clear to see why CryptoBlades is a popular game in the blockchain P2E ecosystem.

The game design adheres to clear logic, which is essential for P2E projects. Additionally, it is built on a well-known rolling model, which makes it simple for consumers to understand.

Naturally, let’s say you’re anticipating a classic gaming experience with Unreal engine visuals. In that scenario, neither this game nor the overall play-to-earn market for cryptocurrencies is right for you.

The PvP action in the game is quite addictive, and it is designed to make it simple to complete various missions. Despite the little prizes from each combat, it is simple to understand how employing a blockchain with higher gas efficiency, like OEC, might boost profitability. Given that each combat lasts only a few seconds, scaling this up across several accounts and characters makes it perfectly conceivable to earn a sizable revenue.

The BNB Chain may have high entry criteria, but users can select a network that is more effective.

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