Smartsheet Pricing vs Freshdesk Pricing – A Comparison

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By Albert Roy

Business teams use project management to plan, organize and manage resources to achieve specific goals and reach company goals. It is essential for any team in any company. The overall success or failure a business can be affected by project management.

Business teams today use a variety of project management methods to ensure the successful delivery of different projects. Scrum, agile, and waterfall are the most popular methods. A number of businesses are also adopting advanced project management software systems due to technological advances.

Business teams can reap multiple benefits from modern project management software applications. These software applications can be used to organize workflows, provide visibility into project progress, enhance collaboration between team members, and automate tasks. It improves communication between managers, their teams, as well as external stakeholders. These software tools not only deliver faster and more efficient project delivery but also reduce costs for businesses.

This article compares Smartsheet software to Freshdesk software. Both software applications are well-documented regarding their project management functions in different industries.

What is Smartsheet Project Management Software?

Smartsheet, a cloud-based collaboration platform, and project management tool, allows users to collaborate on projects of all sizes. Because it is easy to use and understand, Smartsheet is a great tool for project managers with almost any level of experience.

Smartsheet features include task management, Gantt charts, and file sharing. They also allow for real-time collaboration. Smartsheet is flexible and can be used to manage all aspects of a project. Smartsheet is also adaptable to suit any project’s needs. It integrates well with many other business applications.

Features of Smartsheet

  • Customizable dashboards using widgets
  • Activity log to record actions of collaborators
  • Integration of calendar applications such Google Calendar and iCal
  • Automation of requests, approvals and alerts to streamline workflows
  • Combine data from multiple sheets to create reports
  • Use third-party apps to increase productivity
  • Portals to centralize teams and provide a complete view of project information
  • A control center to access powerful portfolio tools

Smartsheet User Reviews

According to Smartsheet reviews, about 100% of users are happy with the software’s automation capabilities. Smartsheet users are more than 95% satisfied with its real-time capabilities and collaboration tools.

Users aren’t happy with Smartsheet’s expensive add-ons. Nearly 100% of users feel that Smartsheet lacks the necessary features to create sheet tabs, formulas and gridlines.

Smartsheet Pricing

Smartsheet pricing starts at $7 per user per monthly (billed annually). There are a maximum of 10 users per month and unlimited viewers. More pricing information can be found on the official vendor website. Software Finder also offers a Smartsheet demo to allow you to experience the software’s features.

Box and Freshdesk are the two best customer service software on the market. These products have a variety of features, but they also have some differences.

This article will help you decide which FreshDesk Software is best for your business.

FreshDesk Software

Freshdesk, an end-to–end customer support software, allows you to manage all customer interactions from one platform. You can access a Knowledge Base, FAQs and Email Support. Live Chat, Social Media Monitoring, Analytics, as well as many other features.

Box allows users to upload files online and share them with others. Box allows you to upload any file, including images, videos and documents, and then share it with anyone via links or embed codes.

FreshDesk Software, a cloud-based customer service software that automates the customer service process for small businesses and individuals, is available to download. Freshdesk’s review was published February 15, 2019. Freshdesk’s review score is 6.7/10. See what Trustpilot users have to say about Freshdesk

Box Software is an all in one platform that allows you to manage your entire business, including accounting, invoicing, sales, marketing tools, HR management and more. The Box review was published November 5, 2018. The Box score is 8. Trustpilot users have their opinions.

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk pricing is more expensive than smartsheet Software when it comes to the standard onboarding package. (See below for details).

Both companies offer free trial of their products. Although both products share similar features, there are differences between them (see below).

Freshdesk Features

Live Chat: Customers can chat directly with the dashboard via live chat. Chat is available on both mobile and desktop devices. Helpdesk: Customers can open tickets to help them with any number of questions or problems. These tickets can be categorized according to specific topics. This will make it easy for customers to identify them when they open their help desk section.


Ticket Management: Customers can create tickets according to the type of problem or query they have. Each ticket is assigned a unique tracking number which allows you to keep track of all updates made by agents on that particular ticket through Freshdesk email notifications. You can also create notifications that are based on specific criteria, such as keywords, knowing when there has been no activity for more than five minutes, etc. Social Media Monitoring: You can monitor social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to see if there are any mentions of your company or products.

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