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By Albert Roy

Will Gold, a British internet celebrity, video game broadcaster, and musician well known for his numerous YouTube channels, also goes by the online identities “Wilbur Soot” and “SootHouse Wilbur.” Despite being active on YouTube since 2008, he just became well-known in 2017 as a member of the group channel SootHouse for “Reddit reading”-style material covering memes and life tips. 

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His eponymous YouTube channel now has more than 6.19 million subscribers, and he also has 4.3 million Twitch followers. He is well-known for his Minecraft game content and has contributed to the “Dream SMP” server as a lead writer. He has also taken part in several Minecraft competitions, including “MC Championships” and “Minecraft Monday.”


He gained popularity as a solo performer with his first hit, The “Nice Guy” Ballad, and his sixth single, Your New Boyfriend. For the band Lovejoy, he performs the roles of rhythm guitarist, lead singer, and songwriter. Additionally, as he demonstrated in the video A Geography Nerd Plays Geoguessr, he has a strong interest in geography.

Quick Facts Wilbur Soot

Name Wilbur Soot

Full Name   Will Gold

Net Worth   $2.5 Million

Date of Birth 14 September 1996

Age   26 Years Old

Birth Place Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Currently Live in Suffolk

Profession Singer, Songwriter, Twitch Star and Social Media Personality

Debut Song: The ‘Nice Guy’ Ballad (2018)

Years Active 2018 – Present

Nationality English

Religion Christian

Ethnicity British

Hometown Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

Zodiac Virgo

School/High School Local Suffolk School, England, United Kingdom

College/University Sussex Down’s College, Lewes, England, United Kingdom

Education Qualification   Graduate

Become a Star

In May 2008, Wilbur Soot launched his first channel, Settings66, where he and his pals played various roleplay scenarios. Together with another young man named Ben, he posted movies and, on occasion, game walkthroughs. He created two YouTube channels in 2011: WilburGold, a solo channel, and Minecraft and Donuts, a channel he co-created with a young woman named Sophie. On the latter, where he was more active, he ceased uploading once his companion was called away. In February 2013, he established another channel called ALittleBritOfWill, where he briefly shared vlogs, music videos, and short films.

But he initially became well-known as the host and editor of the YouTube group channel SootHouse, which he co-hosted with seven other regular contributors. The YouTube channel, which was established in April 2017, rose to fame for being the first to produce content in the “Reddit reading” manner. On March 29, 2019, he eventually launched his solo channel under his name and started uploading largely video games, with a special emphasis on Minecraft. The next year, he joined “Dream SMP,” a Minecraft server with a focus on roleplay, where he established the made-up country of L’Manberg and rose to the position of lead author for the site’s highlighted stories.

Music Career

In November 2017, Wilbur Soot established a second YouTube account named Wilbur Music, and in January 2018, he started releasing music there with his debut track, The “Nice Guy” Ballad. The song gained considerable traction, and others that parodied online culture soon followed, like “Karen, please come back I miss the kids.” On December 25, 2019, he released his debut EP on Bandcamp, “Maybe I Was Boring,” then on June 25, 2020, on Spotify, “Your City Gave Me Asthma.” I’m In Love With An E-Girl, Internet Ruined Me, and Your New Boyfriend is three of his comedic songs about e-boy sexting with an e-girl that were released in 2020.

The series’ last song landed on the UK Indie Chart, and the Irish Singles Chart, and reached a top position of No. 65 on the “UK Singles Chart.” In February 2021, he and lead guitarist and songwriter Joe Goldsmith, bassist Ash Kabosu, and drummer Mark Boardman co-founded the band, Lovejoy. He joined as its lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist. Are You Alright?, the band’s debut EP, was released in May 2021, and as a result, they debuted at No. 10 on Billboard’s “Emerging Artists” chart.

In October of that same year, the band went on to produce a second EP, Pebble Brain, from which songs debuted on the “UK Top 75” and “Billboard 200.” Before turning 21, Wilbur taught himself how to play the guitar. He is also proficient in the bass, mandolin, baritone ukulele, piano, and lute.

Personal & Family Life

In Suffolk, England, the United Kingdom, on September 14, 1996, Will Gold was given the name Wilbur Soot. He had to live with his father and sleep on a futon on the floor after his parents divorced when he was in middle school. Despite being his parent’s only child, he has step-siblings from their past relationships. He was born and reared in Brighton, East Sussex, and received a bachelor’s degree in editing and post-production from Sussex Downs College in Lewes, England.

As a member of a collegiate Dungeons and Dragons organisation and a lifelong roleplayer, Wilbur swiftly rose to the position of Dungeon Master. He has been charting out each day of his life by assigning it a score between one and ten throughout the last few years as part of a personal ritual. He suffers from asthma, hypochondria, and aphantasia, the last of which prevents him from visualising things.

Net Worth

The most frequent query is how much Wilbur Soot made. After doing some research, we discovered that his annual income was USD 500,000, or $40,000 each month. He was able to make a respectable income thanks to his many sources, which included brand deals, sponsorship from the sale of goods, twitch donations, brand deals, and YouTube ad money.

He makes a living as a Twitch streamer, songwriter, musician, vocalist, and developer of Youtube content; as of 2022, his estimated net worth ranged from $2.5 million to $5 million.

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