Bomboloni Volcano

Bomboloni Volcano Real – Get All You Need to Know

Do you want to eat something sweet and tasty? If yes! Then stay with us, because we’re going to tell you about the Bomboloni volcano, a famous, tasty bread bun that looks like a donut and makes your mouth water.
Bomboloni volcano is a famous Italian treat from the 17th century. Over time, it became more and more popular and spread to all of Europe and other parts of the world because of its tasty filling and soft, fluffy bread. They are like Austrian Krapfen, but better.
Bomboloni buns are round, soft, and creamy bread buns that are fried and made with yeast dough. They are filled with a lot of tasty creams and have sugar powder on top.
Bomboloni volcanoes look like donuts, but they aren’t donuts. They are much easier and faster to make than donuts, and they taste great and have a lot of filling.
In many places, they are called different things and are filled with different things, like jelly, chocolate, or custard.
I think the best way to enjoy this dessert is with a cup of hot coffee.
And Bomboloni volcano donuts are a popular treat on Italian beaches, where you can buy them from lots of people on bicycles. The donuts may look different, but the taste is the same.

How to make Bomboloni volcano

So, are you ready to make donuts with pastry cream that are soft and fluffy? Let’s start it.
Bomboloni volcanoes are filled with pastry cream and have a very soft, smooth feel. So what makes them feel so soft and smooth, like a baby’s cheeks? The answer is how they make their dough. Dough is made from flour and yeast. Yeast makes the dough rise and softens and smooths it out. At the beginning of the 17th century, an Italian cook from Tuscany made or, you could say, came up with this tasty Bomboloni volcano. Italians are known for their skill at making dough for pizza, pasta, cakes, bread, and other baked goods.

Let’s start with the list of what we need:

You will need a few simple baking items and a special filling.

:To make the dough, you need:
:200 ml Milk
25 ml Seed oil
1 Egg

Half a cube of new beer yeast.
1 teaspoon of sugar
400 grams Flour
As much cooking as possible
Salt per tastea

For the center of the pastry cream, you will need:

2.5 cup milk
30 g maizena (corn starch)
100 g sugar
5 egg yolks

½ teaspoon vanilla essence

Making method

Step 1: First, put the 200 ml of warm milk and the beer yeast in a bowl and mix them well with a tablespoon. And wait until little bubbles start to form on the top. Then add one scrambled egg, salt to taste, 1 tablespoon of sugar, oil, and half of the flour. Keep mixing, and slowly add the rest of the flour. If you want good results, don’t forget to keep mixing as you add the rest of the flour.

Move the dough to a floured table and work with it for about ten minutes, until it is smooth and soft. Now, put the dough in a big, oiled bowl, cover it, and let it rise in a warm place until it’s doubled in size. It won’t take more than an hour, but if you make it in the winter, it will need a little longer to rise well. Don’t open it until the dough has risen twice as much.

Step 2: Check to see if the dough has risen well. If it has, put it on an oiled work surface and give it a little more work. Then, make a ball with your hands, sprinkle some flour on the work surface, and roll the dough ball with a rolling pin until it’s half an inch thick.
Now, take a round cookie cutter and cut as many doughnuts as you can out of the flattened dough. Then put them in a tray and leave them for another 30 minutes to get good results.

Then, put cooking oil in the pan and heat it until it reaches 170 degrees Celsius, or 337 degrees Fahrenheit.
Then put the round Bomboloni volcano donut slices in the pan and fry them over medium heat. When one side is golden brown, flip them over and check to see if they are done. If they are, take them out.
You can also bake them, but the recipe says to fry them in hot oil.
And here are your soft, fried bread buns.

Now, let’s talk about how to make the filling.

Put the sugar, vanilla, and egg whites in a bowl and mix them together. And stir it until all the ingredients are well combined.
Now add the cornstarch to the batter and beat it again until everything is well mixed.
Now, get a pan and heat up the 2.5 cups of milk. When the milk is hot enough, turn off the stove.
Now, give it a minute or two to cool down.
Then, slowly pour the warm milk into the cream mixture, but don’t forget to stir it as you pour. If you don’t, the warm milk could break the eggs, making the mixture lumpy, which we don’t want.
Now pour the mixture into the pan and cook it on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t get too hot, or lumps will form. Check to see if the mixer is thick and creamy. If it is, turn off the heat and let it cool.

Now, use a knife to make a small hole in the middle of the bun. Put the pastry cream in the piping bag and fill each Bomboloni volcano donut one at a time. Finish by sprinkling them with powdered sugar.

With a hot cup of coffee, you can enjoy your tasty, soft Bomboloni volcano.

There are several kinds of Bomboloni volcanoes.

At first, Bomboloni volcano donuts were only sold on Italian streets and beaches, but as time went on, their fame grew. Not only did their popularity grow, but the recipe for Bomboloni volcano donuts changed quite a bit, especially the filling.

There are many different kinds of Bomboloni donuts, which can be told apart by their fillings and flavors.

We’re going to name a few people here:

Bomboloni with cream cheese

Choco flakes Bomboloni

Taro creme Bomboloni

Cookies and whipped cream Bomboloni

Vanilla crunch Bomboloni

Three-biscuit Bomboloni

There are many more kinds, like Bomboloni filled with jelly, Nutella, or cream.
Some have tasty ingredients for people who don’t like too much sweetness. Most of the space inside was taken up by chili cream cheese, sour cream, and onions.
If you want to try the method, there wouldn’t be much change.

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