Discovering Lifestyle-Enhancement Services in Assisted Living

Discovering Lifestyle-Enhancement Services in Assisted Living

If your loved one needs assistance with daily tasks, consider moving them into an assisted living facility. But do they offer lifestyle-enhancing services that encourage their well-being?

Sense of Community

An important factor in quality of life is the sense of community that a senior feels. Assisted living communities like Westminster Point Pleasant are designed to offer this sense of community by providing many opportunities for residents to participate in social activities that maintain existing friendships or create new ones.

This is in addition to providing transportation assistance to help seniors avoid burdening family members with driving duties. The sense of loneliness that arises from a lack of transportation and isolation can often contribute to poor health outcomes and emotional distress.

Assisted living is a continuum of care options for older persons who require assistance with everyday tasks like washing, clothing, and feeding but don’t need severe medical care. In this context, a sense of community can be defined as the feeling that an individual experiences through membership, influence, reinforcement integration of meeting needs, and shared emotional connection. The sense of community offered in assisted living is a unique combination of all these elements.


Socializing with friends, family, and others plays a significant role in maintaining health, happiness, and a sense of well-being. This is why Discovering lifestyle-enhancing services in assisted living includes various planned activities to maintain existing friendships and build new connections. Whether it’s movie nights, card games, or art classes, residents can participate as often as they wish. If an individual’s family lives far away, transportation assistance is available to help ensure they can spend time together without worrying about the burden of driving. In addition, some communities allow seniors to decorate their rooms with their own furniture and personal belongings so they feel at home. Discover how to enhance the quality of your loved one’s lifestyle.


Assisted living communities typically offer on-site amenities and services to help individuals stay fit, active, healthy, and happy post-retirement. These include on-campus gyms, libraries, gardens, restaurants, and other entertainment centers encouraging socialization and engagement. They also provide transportation and help with mobility. These conveniences eliminate the need to perform everyday chores, allowing seniors to pursue their passions and focus on a well-rounded life.

Higher levels of care often allow individuals to continue living in their assisted living apartment homes for longer, as they will receive the assistance they need to manage complex health issues or chronic pain, for example. This enables them to avoid moving out of the community into skilled nursing, which is an inconvenient experience for most seniors. In addition, on-site therapeutic services can support wellness at a deeper level and build a strong sense of belonging. Assisted living communities also offer monthly event calendars packed with group trips and events designed to promote socialization and past leisure pursuits.

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