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8 Creative Happy Birthday Instagram Story Ideas for you

Instagram is a terrific place to celebrate special occasions in your life, share memories, and, of course, share selfies. Instagram is an excellent platform for sending birthday greetings to people.

Instagram stories are the best function for sharing birthday shoutouts among all of Instagram’s features. A variety of tools are available for sending creative happy birthday wishes to someone. We’ll present a few entertaining and memorable happy birthday Instagram story ideas in this guide for you to get some ideas.

1. Birthday Notification

Why don’t you do it in place of Instagram, which doesn’t notify users of their birthdays? Notifying your common friends and followers of your friend’s or loved one’s birthday also lets them know it’s time to rejoice. This goes beyond simply letting them know you remember their birthday.

The following instructions will show you how to quickly make an Instagram story that includes a birthday notification:

  1. Launch the Instagram app, then start a new Instagram story.
  2. Select Create on the left side of the page, pick the backdrop color for your narrative, and enter a basic text message as desired.
  3. To move onto the following screen, select Next.
  4. Create a notification box with the birthday message using the Text tool and Brush tool on the next screen. To ensure that they are notified that you mentioned them in a story, don’t forget to utilize their Instagram username, which should begin with @.

By altering the birthday caption’s typeface, using emojis, stickers, gifs, and other visual elements, you can personalize your birthday notice tale. You can use a photo of the birthday person or a picture of you and them as a substitute for a colorful background. Receiving a social media notification that someone has remembered your birthday is always pleasant.

2. Birthday Countdown

birthday countdown is among the more original Instagram story features. This is an excellent approach to inform your followers about your birthday celebration in advance and to invite them to celebrate your best friend’s birthday with you.

Here’s how you may utilize the birthday countdown to inspire your followers to wish you or one of your close pals a happy birthday.

  1. Activate a fresh Instagram story.
  2. Select a colored background, take a live photo or a quick video, or pick a photo from your collection to use as the birthday countdown’s background.
  3. To access the sticker menu, click the happy face in the top-right corner that is a square.
  4. Scroll down and choose the countdown sticker.
  5. Replace the birthday message’s name with the countdown’s new name.
  6. To set the birthday celebration’s start and end times, click Set end date and time.
  7. To change the color of the birthday countdown, click the colored circle symbol at the top of the screen.
  8. To confirm, choose Done.

The countdown can then be repositioned and resized to include more Instagram captions, stickers, photos, locations, gifs, and other media. Following publication, Instagram will save your countdown so you can use it again at a later time.

3. Birthday Reveal

A birthday reveal is another imaginative Instagram story suggestion for a birthday card. A photo of the birthday individual and some familiarity with a marker tool are all you’ll need. Depending on your preference, you can make this one basic or complex. The instructions below will help you make a birthday reveal Instagram story.

  1. Select the photo from your gallery and launch a new Instagram story.
  2. Pick the Marker tool in the drawing toolbox.
  3. Tap and hold on your screen while choosing a color from the bottom of the screen until the background is completely covered by the chosen color.
  4. Click on the Eraser tool, and then begin unveiling the topic of your story. Draw various forms, such as stars or hearts, by adjusting the tool’s size and expressing your creativity.
  5. Post your article once you’re satisfied with the layout.

In your birthday reveal narrative, you are free to include as many specifics as you like. Include a happy birthday greeting, highlight your subject using the highlighter tool, add gifs or stickers as embellishments, and more.

4. Birthday Collage

The ideal method to share special memories you’ve had with the birthday person is through a birthday collage, especially if you’re close and have a lot of them.

Utilizing the Instagram story collage feature or a third-party program like Canva, you can utilize your imagination and creativity to create a photo collage. For any style and event, Canva offers a huge selection of Instagram story templates. Open Canva, register an account (or sign in with your existing account) and then select Templates > Social Media > Instagram Story to browse the list of templates.

A different option is to enter Happy Birthday in the Search box at the top of the screen. This will provide a collection of relevant templates for you to use when making your birthday picture collage on Instagram.

5. Birthday Memes

On the special day of the birthday person, do you want to make sure they laugh a lot? the Instagram story for their birthday should then contain a birthday meme. Using one of the free tools for developing memes, you could even go so far as to create your own meme with a joke inside.

Meme Generator is by far the most user-friendly tool. You can visit their gallery, which can be used to automatically arrange the text on any template, and access the most well-liked memes.

6. Birthday Surprise

You won’t be able to make it to the birthday person’s surprise party. To surprise them with a gift or a memorable moment, you can still use Instagram stories.

The caption must be included to a sequence of stories that you must write. On slide one, tap to reveal a birthday surprise. Post a surprise story at the series’ conclusion. An embarrassing photo of you two together, your first recollection of the birthday person, or just a photograph or screenshot of your gift to them are all acceptable options.

7. Birthday Cake

The Instagram cake is a close second to a real cake if you are unable to give them one. Select a gif to send an animated cake straight to their DMs, use a stock photo of a delicious birthday cake, or create a bespoke dessert using their favorite colors and objects.

Use captions like “tap to blow out candles” or “make a wish” before including a second narrative in which the candles have been extinguished to make your birthday cake stories more engaging.

8. Birthday Bingo

Are there many Instagram buddies you and the birthday person have in common? Invite everyone to the celebration by setting up a birthday bingo game.

For your Instagram story, build a large bingo template with all the amusing/interesting/embarrassing facts and characteristics of the birthday person. Post the template on their birthday and invite your other pals to play a game of birthday bingo with you. So that everyone can repost your narrative with the information they are aware of crossed out, don’t forget to name them in it. You can publish a second happy story marking the conclusion of the birthday bingo round once you’ve done filling out the bingo template.

More Instagram Happy Birthday Ideas

For sending virtual birthday greetings, Instagram is the ideal platform. You can simply Google birthday quotes to include in your Instagram story or a post if you don’t want to use any of the aforementioned birthday suggestions. If you want the birthday post to show up in the Instagram feed of your followers, the latter is an excellent choice.

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