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Alternatives to VIDCORN. Has it closed or no longer works?

There is no need to panic if you’ve realized that VIDCORN is restricted or no longer functional in your area. Learn about all the VIDCORN alternatives available here that let you stream free television shows and movies. In reality, you may get the most recent episodes of your favorite shows on these websites, even in the greatest HD quality and without commercial breaks.

What became of VIDCORN? Doesn’t function or closed permanently?


VIDCORN, being a pirate site, has suspended broadcasting in numerous regions. This is because all programs and content that are linked from all of these websites must comply with copyright protection on the Internet.

He attracted the attention of major paid streaming platforms and television network operators who sought to denounce its operation as not adhering to the rules of transmission rights due to the fame he attained due to his interesting catalog of films and series, which he made available to his community for free.

It is the same predicament that companies like Movidy, for instance, are in. At most, VIDCORN will only experience localized, brief closures. Nevertheless, other websites that offered comparable services, such Series Papaya and MegaDede, were severely jeopardized by copyright disputes and permanently shut down.

The best substitutes for VIDCORN

As VIDCORN may be outlawed entirely or only in your country at any time, you should be prepared with other options that will still let you watch movies and television shows online without any issues.


Although it has an edge over VIDCORN in that it has a larger library of film content, SerieWhite is regarded as one of the VIDCORN alternatives that most closely resembles it. Here you may discover a ton of stuff from series and documentaries, as well as a good portion of movies, to enjoy your hours of leisure and amusement.

SerieWhite has a significant benefit over other Vidcorn alternatives since it contains a blocker for advertising and does not support any of it at all. The UI is also incredibly light, which speeds up how quickly the site loads and how the app functions on a smartphone.

About the drawbacks, we can tell that it may at any point be sanctioned and shut down by Internet site administrators. There are more options on this list, though.

cat series

You may also visit the Series Gato website for no cost and view the same kind of substantial information that you saw in VIDCORN.

If you’re a lover of this kind of broadcasting, you can also get quality Latin movie material here. It is a fantastic substitute for VIDCORN for all of those reasons and more.


Another VIDCORN substitute with a good selection of material to view both older films and the newest releases is Cuevana. This site’s major benefit is that you may view the content without logging in or giving any account information related to your bank or payment card.

It also goes without saying that you may watch all of the information on our website in Full HD resolution. You may get free online documentaries and programs in addition to movies. The best part is that you may download them to view at a later time.

The closing of this website has been a frequent target of Internet content control policies. Yet, in order to avoid this kind of annoyance, its founders often modify the domain.


Series24 is one of the best structured options on our list when it comes to selecting an alternative to VIDCORN with a simple and pleasant interface to search any material, whether it movies or series.

This indicates that you may use its structure to search for movies based on their category, genre, release year, popularity, etc. It also includes a section with the most recent news and user ratings for the material. Also, it provides HD quality with a maximum resolution of 1080p, enabling you to experience a high-quality image.

About the platform’s drawbacks, it has a less-than-illustrative design, although this does not affect the caliber and diversity of its material.


Although Allpeliculas has occasionally had to switch domains, this one is now functional and will continue to provide you with enjoyment and pleasure in the same manner as VIDCORN.

For those who enjoy this kind of stuff, Allpeliculas provides a wealth of series, anime, and feature films. Like other comparable websites, Allpeliculas offers an Android app as well, and it looks and feels exactly like Netflix. To further satisfy its consumers, it provides high-quality material in HD and Full HD.

The only drawbacks are that you could see more adverts than on other websites and that you might need to switch domains often to prevent shutdown.

Regular inquiries

Why can’t I use Vidcorn any longer?

They chose to outlaw the website’s services according to international anti-piracy regulations, making it impossible to access its links or material.

Why does VIDCORN not function?

They didn’t quit functioning on purpose; rather, the government barred access to their website, and eventually their domain name expired. Fortunately, there are many of options available on this website.

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