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Ed Sheeran details the lovestruck jitters in his sweet new single, “Shivers”

Ed Sheeran: Fans are getting the “Shivers” from Ed Sheeran’s new song “Shivers.” The song talks about how you feel when you’re around the person you have a crush on.

“Shivers,” along with its video, was released on Friday. It is the third track from Ed’s planned album = (Equals), which will come out on October 29.

The four-time Grammy winner starts the fast-paced song by saying that Cupid’s arrow has touched his heart. He then thinks about all the ways he can celebrate his new love.

“I want to be that guy/ I want to kiss your eyes/ I want to drink that smile/ I want to feel like I’m/Like my soul’s on fire, I want to stay up all day and all night. Sheeran sings before the chorus, which makes him want to “dance ’til the sunlight cracks/And when they say the party’s over, we bring it right back.”

In the “Shivers” music video, Sheeran and AnnaSophia Robb play a young, new pair. The video follows them from the moment they first look at each other to the time when their relationship starts to heat up. It also pays tribute to Elton John’s showy style by dressing up Sheeran’s inner self in glitter, sparkles, feathers, and big rose-colored glasses.

The singer of “Perfect” has said before that he felt “pressure” to have his new song do as well as his last single, “Bad Habits.”

“The moment you realize your last single was number one for 10 weeks and there’s a lot of pressure on the next one not to bomb,” he wrote on Instagram. “I rented a parrot for the video, don’t let that be a waste.”

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