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Why Do Some Salt Lamps Melt?

Himalayan salt lamps newcomers often experience anxiety when their lamps begin to melt over time. Additionally, wondering constantly about durability causes you to worry continuously and needlessly.

One of the most dependable suppliers for high-quality salt lamps can be found at Fab Glass and Mirror. In contrast, you shouldn’t be concerned about your sweating lamp if you aren’t already, and I’ll explain why in a moment.

But you must promise me that if you see moisture amassing in your lamp, you would first wipe it off with an absorbent towel before you get alarmed.

It’s not always a negative thing if your light starts to perspire. It only demonstrates how hygroscopic salt is.

It has a propensity to draw the atmospheric water that causes it to sweat when put in humid environments. Therefore, don’t be alarmed; salt lamps naturally sweat.

Since I know you’re eager to learn what causes your lamp to sweat, I’ll get straight to it along with useful advice for extending the life of your SALT LAMP.

The Salt Lamp Melts: Why?

The Salt Lamp Melts Why

When I initially heard it, I too found it difficult to accept, yet it is real. Do you believe that you are the only one who can perspire? When your lights are positioned in humid parts of your house, they begin to perspire as well.

They absorb moisture from the air because they are hygroscopic. You see, the water isn’t really from the bulb; rather, it’s airborne moisture. In a dry environment, there is no moisture in the air to draw from, keeping them dry.

Consequently, if you leave your salt in an area with high humidity, water will condense on the surface and begin to leak. In such locations, you may still use your lighting.

Where Should These Lamps Not Be Used?

It all depends on where in your house you put your salt lamps. Aim to stay away from areas of the home with a lot of dampness.

If you don’t want leaks, avoid installing your salt lamps in the areas listed below.

  • Kitchens
  • Laundromat
  • Bathrooms
  • Outside areas
  • Next to windows

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Salt Lamps for Lifetime Use

The major difficulty for SALT LAMP owners is upkeep. So, the greatest advice for keeping your lamp clean and in excellent condition for a very long period is provided below.

Always keep your lamp on.

If you are able to get your light out of damp locations, your task is halfway done. Keep your light on at all times as the following action. No, leaving it on for a couple more hours won’t make your power bill go up.

If any water accumulates on the surface while your light is on for an extended period of time, it will instantly evaporate.

Make use of a moisture absorber

When placed in the same room as your salt lamp to absorb extra moisture in the air, a moisture absorber is useful. This will save you from having to deal with a Himalayan salt lamp that is dripping or perspiring.

While off or when putting away, cover your lamp.

It’s better to keep your salt lamp wrapped in bubble wrap or happy wrap if you think you’ll be gone for a few weeks or months. The wrap prevents moisture from collecting on your lamp’s surface.

Alternately, for instructions on how to dry your lamp, see your light maintenance manual. You see, be careful to remove any saltwater traces from your furniture since they may leave behind salt crystals.

You should use a plastic tool to remove the leftover salt crystals off the salt lamp’s base. To prevent destroying your SALT LAMP permanently, avoid using metal scrapers.

Purchase a More Powerful Bulb

Higher wattage bulbs provide more heat, which helps any accumulated water readily evaporate. For areas with high humidity, it is suggested to use 25W or 30W bulbs since they produce more negative ions.

And Now What?

Watch how your table salt reacts to humidity by sweating. Salt lights experience the same phenomenon. So, do not worry. They only melt when submerged in water, directly.

Salt lamps are known to sweat, but leaving one unattended for an extended period of time might seriously harm the lamp.

Long-term accumulation of water erodes the lights’ hardwood bases and degrades their beauty. We are certain that using the following maintenance advice will stop your lamps from leaking and allow you to use your Himalayan SALT LAMP to its full potential.

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