Welcome to our top-rated spa in Lahore, which provides a unique experience filled with restorative treatments. In Lahore, Indigo is renowned for providing the best spa services. With the help of our specialized spa services, you may revive your soul and discover inner serenity. Your muscles may rest in the sauna and steam room. By applying detoxification and exfoliation procedures, we place you in a profound state of relaxation. In our renowned body massages and face treatments, we employ pure essential oils and anti-aging ingredients. We cordially encourage you to take use of our spa’s services while you are a guest at Indigo on the fourth level. In order to provide our cherished clients peace of mind, our excellent spa is built to deliver the greatest services. Our Lahore spa offers massages that may relieve stress from the workplace, daily body aches, and weariness. They can also help you maintain your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

We are pleased to rank among the top massage centers in Lahore and provide the finest massage in the city. Traveling may be exhausting, so we provide a range of stress-relieving treatments, including massages. You may choose the one you want from the options we provide. You may thoroughly unwind, replenish your energies, and store your feeling of wellbeing with the aid of our spa routines. We want your stay to be as peaceful and comfortable as possible. A massage may be used for more than simply self-care. We provide a range of massages, all of which are good for your health. You may heal from migraines brought on by stress and worry with the aid of our massages. You may heal from migraines brought on by stress and worry with the aid of our massages. In our Lahore massage facility, we provide visitors free access and do miracles with our treatments.

Steam rooms and saunas


Indulge in a day of pampering treatments in Indigo’s Sauna & Steam room for you or a special someone. Our products are expertly created and delivered, providing the height of sophisticated escapism. It may promote cardiovascular health, boost metabolism, help you fall asleep, and cleanse your body. Customers use the sauna and steam facilities on the fourth level of the indigo hotel in Gulberg because of their favorable effects on physical health. Your brain’s health may also be enhanced by heat treatment in a number of ways. It has the power to halt the development of plaque, stop multiple sclerosis, and encourage the generation of neurotrophic factors that are deficient in the brain. Additionally, enhanced cognitive stimulation has been connected to sauna use. Heat treatment promotes development and may aid your brain in a number of ways. It has the power to halt the development of plaque, stop multiple sclerosis, and encourage the generation of brain-derived neurotrophic factors.

Higher levels of cognitive stimulation have also been connected to sauna use. Our inexpensive steam room prices and contemporary sauna room prices are excellent. The decor is intended to promote relaxation and serenity. The towels, bathrobes, and steam rooms are all included. Indigo’s Spa Center should be included to your list of accessible steam rooms and contemporary saunas nearby. Visit us and take advantage of our services. You may increase your general health, wellbeing, and mental health by using saunas. Additionally, it fights disease and aids in skin cleaning. Additionally, it facilitates deeper sleep. The sauna increases blood flow, reduces blood pressure, relieves congestion, and promotes exercise and calorie burning. Come visit us to enjoy the benefits of the sauna and steam room.



A salt room is part of the spa facility of the Indigo Hotel on the fourth level. Most people are unaware of the great benefits salt rooms may have for you, so we created one to better care for you and provide the greatest services. It contributes to the improvement of both your skin and breathing. We have included salt room treatment to show our dedication to health, awareness, and wellbeing. The most significant benefit of a salt room is that it helps skin disorders like psoriasis and acne. Salt beds are available from Indigo to treat skin issues. In the salt chamber, socks are allowed but shoes are not. Food, drinks, and cell phones are all prohibited. But to stay hydrated, you should always carry a bottle of water.

When a Gulberg consumer searches for a salt room or salt spa nearby, we are the result. We aid our clients in their yoga and meditation sessions in the salt room. To relax, practice meditation, and take deep breaths, stop by our salt room. We provide seasonal specials and packages to keep our customers engaged. At the wellness center, we provide a number of amenities at both daily and monthly prices.

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