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Use Discord frequently? If so, you have probably already seen someone utilise bolded or coloured text on a Discord server or in a private message. You can learn straightforward instructions to perform both fundamental text formatting, such as writing in bold or italics, and complex text formatting, such as employing code blocks, whether you’re a complete newbie or run your own Discord server.

Markdown is a robust system that manages all text formatting while you use Discord, running in the background. Markdown enables you to diversify your platform communications.

In Discord, how to Bold Text

You can utilise bolded text in Discord to draw attention to a certain area, whether it be a message’s entirety or simply a particular sentence.

At the start and conclusion of your message, use two asterisks (*) or stars to bold the content.

Illustration: **bold text**.

Note: If you’re using a regular English keyboard, you can enter an asterisk by pressing the Shift + 8 keyboard shortcut for this and other markdown codes that require it.

In Discord, how to Italicize Text

Use one asterisk at the start and conclusion of your message in Discord to italicise text.

Examples include the following.

Text Underlining in Discord

Use two underscores (_) at the start and conclusion of your message to underline text in Discord.

Example: text that is underlined.

How to Blend Various Text Formatting Methods

Some of the aforementioned choices for text formatting can also be combined.

Adding three asterisks (*) before and after your text will make it bold and italicized.

An illustration is ***bold italic text***.

Use one asterisk and two underscores at the beginning and one asterisk and two underscores at the conclusion of your message to underline and italicize text, respectively.

__*underlined italic text*__, for instance.

Use two underscores, two asterisks, and two underscores before and after your message, respectively, to generate bold underlined text.

For instance, bold text that is underlined.

Use two underscores, three asterisks, and two underscores at the beginning and conclusion of your message to underline, bold, and italicise the content.

For instance, use __***underlined bold italics***__.

Using Strikethrough Text in Discord

In Discord, you can utilise strikethrough text to enter text that has been crossed out.

At the start and conclusion of your message, use two tildes () to generate strikethrough text. Use the keyboard shortcut Shift + to type tilde.

Examples include “strikethrough text.”

How to Enable Visibility of All Symbols in Discord

Use the backslash (/) at the start of each symbol to disable Markdown’s formatting and display the symbols as part of the text if you want other users to see all of the tildes, asterisks, and underscores you’re using (such as if you’re creating an emoji).

An illustration is “***see all symbols”

In Discord, How to Write Code Blocks

If you enclose your content in backticks (‘), you can write code blocks that are one line long.

Users will find it simpler to examine and share quick code snippets in a comprehensible style as a result of the black background added to the white text.

A single-line code block is an example.

Use three backticks (‘) at the beginning and conclusion of your message to divide it into multi-line code blocks that can share more complicated code.

A multi-line code block, for instance.

Discord Text Color Schemes

In your Discord discussions, you can use coloured text thanks to a function called syntax highlighting. The programming language can be defined using this feature, which also lets you highlight key sections of the code for easy reading and comprehension.

Create colourful text by highlighting syntax and using multi-line code blocks. You’ll need to start and end your message with triple backticks, but you’ll also need a keyword that identifies a particular colour.

  1. Use the keyword diff to colour text in Red. Take note of the hyphenation (-) used before your content with diff.

An example might be “diff – red text.”

  1. When you want to colour text blue, use the keyword ini and enclose it in square brackets.

An illustration is “ini [blue text]”.

  1. Use the term fix to colour text in Yellow.

Fix yellow text, for instance.

  1. Place the word “css” between square brackets on either side of your text to make it orange in colour.

An example would be “css [orange text]”.

  1. The keyword diff can be used to give your text a green tint. However, you must append a + sign to the text line’s leading zero.

As an illustration, use “diff + green text”

The use of colourful text in Discord is subject to some restrictions.

  • You must keep in mind which syntax highlighting to apply to each hue.
  • Users using Discord on a desktop or laptop will only be able to see the colours.
  • On mobile devices, coloured text always appears as default black.

Discord Text-Hiding Techniques

Adding spoiler alerts and hiding chat text are also options available in Discord.

  • You can start your text with the /spoiler command to allow other users to decide whether or not to read a spoiler.
  • If you only want to hide a portion of your message, add /spoiler to the end of the text you want to conceal.
  • After that, the text will appear as a spoiler, and users must click on it to view the message’s content.

Font Modification in Discord

Uni Sans, in all weights from thin to strong, is the standard font used by all Discord apps. The 2009 Discord logo was influenced by this font.

Using an online Discord font generator like LingoJam is an option if you want to modify the font but cannot do so straight from the Discord programme.

  1. Launch LingoJam and enter your text in the field to the left.
  2. The box on the right will display a number of font options for you to select from.

Copy the text into your Discord chat using the font of your choice.

The best way to make a blockquote in Discord

To highlight a specific section of your message, insert quoted text, or simulate reply text in emails, use blockquotes. Simply place a larger than symbol (>) before your text in your Discord message to insert a blockquote.

Blockquote in text, for instance.

Is Discord Compatible with Other Text Manipulations?

The good news is that Discord offers a lot more than just the features mentioned above. Use this comprehensive Markdown cheatsheet from GitHub to figure out how to add tables, links, images, headers, and lists in Discord.

Have you ever used Discord’s text formatting features? Do you think we missed anything when making our list? In the comments area below, please share any formatting advice you have for Discord.

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