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How to type the apostrophe symbol (‘) or the single quote with the keyboard

For computer work, blogs, online material, academic papers, etc., we often need to utilize a single quotation or an apostrophe. If you are unable to locate it quickly, as we have previously shown with the usage of the umlaut, the question mark, the colon, and other symbols, we will teach you many techniques to express it clearly in this article. We will also provide you with pertinent information on this sign.

What is the apostrophe (‘) or single quotation used for and where?

In the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations, they are often used. Double quotations are very often used in such situations. At the beginning and conclusion of actual speech or quotations, a quotation mark is used. They may be used to highlight certain words or passages in a text.


  1. Don’t go there, he says, and we can all hear him.
  2. The Beatles song is fantastic.

Using Windows, type

We demonstrate many methods for creating the single quotation sign.

Using a keyboard

We can’t always locate a single quotation immediately on a key on all keyboards. It may often be found next to the number 0 on keyboards. Just push it if so.

Use Ascii Code while writing.

If the aforementioned function is absent, you must manually add the typographical apostrophe. For Windows PCs, we advise you to do this using a keyboard shortcut that the system software will decipher.

Use the numpad shortcuts below to create a single quote:

  1. Without letting go of the ALT key, input the number 39.

The workplace

We may put symbols into cells or text sheets in Word and Excel. Find the “Insert” tab in the top menu to accomplish this. The Symbol button is located on the right side of it. When you press it, a box with several symbol insert possibilities will appear. Click the “Insert” button after finding the single quotation.

Type on a MAC

If you have a MAC, you may use the following shortcut to type the single quotation or apostrophe:

  1. When pressing “SHIFT + #,” hold down the “ALT” key.
  2. Then let go of every key for the symbol to reflect.
  3. The single quotes are conveniently located at the top right of your keyboard, close to the “0” (zero) key, if your keyboard is configured to English.

Compose in linux

Typing a single quotation or an apostrophe is simple when using the Linux operating system.

  1. Hold down the “Ctrl” key while simultaneously pressing “Shift” and the letter “u.”
  2. on a mobile Android device
  3. Open your keyboard, then press the “?123” key. Just look for and click the (‘) key at the keyboard’s bottom. You’ll also be given a number of quotation alternatives if you press and hold it.

Many apostrophe and single quotation styles

There are several signs, each of which has a specific purpose. Hence, it is essential to use the single quotation or apostrophe at the appropriate moment to know how to enter it on the keyboard.

This is unquestionably a little visual feature that doesn’t interfere with reading, but it may have significant effects on how the reader perceives the quality.

Straight apostrophe or single quote

One purpose of the single quotation or apostrophe is to make it simple for computer scientists to designate code fragments with the same symbol. It’s essentially a single remark that acts as both the opening and closing.

A vertical, symmetrical line serving as a symbol is what an apostrophe on a keyboard by default names. A “typing apostrophe” or “right apostrophe” is another name for this.

A Solitary Quotation or an Apostrophe in Error

The design of this kind of apostrophe is more dynamically comma-shaped. This sign’s peculiarity is that it’s not located on the keyboard. As a result, a technique has to be configured so that you may input a sign that doesn’t display from the keyboard. Your program can often handle that, but it’s not always the case.

Computer applications should output a single quotation.

The majority of word processing applications include an automated function that makes sure that any single quotes or direct apostrophes you input are replaced with typographical apostrophes as soon as you hit enter.

You may locate a checkbox to enable this function in the “Preferences” section of the program as follows:

  • InDesign smart quotes are used.
  • In Word, replace quotations “by quotes.”
  • TextEdit quotations that are curved, etc.

Just search through your program choices to discover the appropriate setting. With Word and PowerPoint, this option is turned on by default; however, the Adobe suite does not.

Regular inquiries

In Spanish, how many different kinds of quote marks are there?

There are three different kinds of quote marks: single (‘ ‘), English (” “), and Spanish (« »). Spanish quotations are centered, whereas English and single quotes are printed at the top of the line.

What does an apostrophe mean?

A high comma (‘) is an auxiliary orthographic symbol that is almost ever used in modern Spanish. It describes how particular phonic settings suppress specific sounds, primarily vowels.

Last Words

Regardless of the operating system you use, there are various ways to enter a single quotation, a vertical quote, or a typographical apostrophe using your keyboard in your document, application, or publication. As of right now, you already know how to create single quotations. With practice, this won’t be a concern.

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