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Iggy Azalea’s Son: Everything To Know About Her Child Onyx Kelly!

Iggy Azalea is the delighted mother of a two-year-old adorable child called Onyx Kelly. In this instance, it’s vital that you know the following about the rapper’s kid, despite the fact that she doesn’t often provide such details.

Iggy Azalea, who is 32 years old, may not be best known as a young mother, but it is evident that her son Onyx Kelly has her whole attention. Amethyst Amelia Kelly has accomplished a stunning level of accomplishment by any measure. The next year after signing with Mercury Records in 2012, the Australian rapper from New South Wales came to fame after being picked up by Island Def Jam.

Her breakout songs were “Fancy” and “Work,” both of which were immediate successes. Iggy is also well-known for her provocative YouTube videos. The beautiful brunette is a model, but she is arguably best known as the spokeswoman for Levi’s Jeans.

Iggy did not reveal Onyx’s exact birth date.

Onyx's exact birth date

Iggy may have given birth to her baby Onyx around the middle of the year 2020, but she has never revealed the exact date. Instead, she opted to reveal that she was already a mother and that she had given birth to her kid with Playboi without any photographs.

On June 10, 2020, she announced through Instagram stories that she is the mother of a boy. She remarked, “I kept waiting for the right moment to speak, but it seems that the more time passes, the more certain I am that I will always feel nervous about sharing such significant news with the public.”

It is just one of those things. Iggy said in her justification that she “wanted to make clear that he is not a secret.” She said, “I cannot convey how much I adore him.”

His Father is also a Rapper and Model.

Both of Onyx’s very talented parents are involved in the music business as rappers and models. With the release of “Woke Up Like This” and “Magnolia” in 2017, Playboi, whose actual name is Jordan Terrell Carter, shot to stardom. The stylish performer, who does not seem content to restrict himself, has also walked the runway for high-fashion powerhouses such as Louis Vuitton and VFiles.

According to a profile published by GQ Magazine in August 2017, he was crowned “leader of a youth style” and given the title “leader of a youth style” because his unique appearance was described as falling somewhere between “the fashion gloss of A$AP Mob, the punk-rock attitude of Uzi Vert, and the playful camp of Yachty.”

Once, Iggy said that she was raising Onyx by herself.

In October of 2020, Iggy once again used Instagram stories to make a rare statement on her darling son. She also acknowledged that she had ended her relationship with Playboi and claimed to be a single mother in the same article.

“You lost a genuine one.” Because others take their devotion for granted, I would prefer to be alone… The other night, when I said that I am parenting my kid alone, I meant that I am not in a relationship.

He is a Lovely Boy

Iggy published these passport photos of herself and her child on Instagram in early 2022 with the caption “Just two models shooting our passport photos.” Since then, the post has been removed.

According to The Sun, a lot of the user’s followers couldn’t help but agree with her judgment of the subject of the shot, a lovely little kid with brown eyes who was wearing a basic white T-shirt and stud earrings. One of Onyx’s fans said in the comments section that she “should be a child model,” to which Disney Channel alum Skaii Jackson answered, “It’s giving MODEL.”

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