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Kamia Harris – Australian Psychologist

Harris, Kamia

  • The unusual approach of Kamia Harris, an Australian psychologist, blends the best facets of psychology and health care.
  • The renowned psychologist has a private clinic in Canberra and is a registered health practitioner in Australia.
  • Harris has established a solid reputation for her talent and experience as a modern Australian psychologist.
  • Here are just a few of the numerous good reasons to choose this medical professional.


If you’re looking for a new therapist, Australian psychologist Kamia Harris, who has a wealth of experience in mental health care, might be the one. Kamia has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of mental health disciplines, including addiction, adjustment, stress, depression, anxiety, support for important incidents, relationships, and loss. She is an expert in both mindfulness-based practices and neuroscience studies. Read the biography of Kamia Harris below to find out more about her.

Dr. Harris graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, with a doctorate in counseling psychology. She finished her psychology residency at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, which was accredited by the APA. She graduated from Kent State University with a psychology bachelor’s degree before attending Cleveland State University for her master’s in clinical mental health counseling. She holds professional counseling licenses in Texas and Ohio, where she also holds a chemical dependence counselor license. She has a lot of background working with various communities.


The Australian Psychological Society, the Department of Defense, private practice, and the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health are just a few of the organizations that Kamia Harris, a registered psychologist in Canberra, has worked with. Clinical psychology, psychotherapy, and critical incident response are some of her areas of expertise. She helps people overcome their emotional difficulties and mental health limitations by utilizing psychological therapy, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

COL Anthony Cotton, a former director of mental health at the DFPO, LTGEN Sarah Chapman, a former head of the Defense Health Service, COL John Duffy, a former deputy chief of the Defense Community Organization, and RADM Graeme Shirtley, a former surgeon general of the Defense Health Reserves, were among the focus group participants. CAPT Sheldon Williams of HMAS Cerberus, CMDR Scott Craig, and WO1 David Stint, the principal psychologist, were also present.

ARTC Kapooka Recruit Training Center

CAPT Andrew Moss, MAJ Margaret Goodman, and LTCOL James McTavish all reside at the Army Recruit Training Centre (ARTC) in Kapooka, Queensland, Australia. The Commanding Officer 4RAR, Executive Officer, Medical Officer, and Psychology Service are among the Sydney-based elements in the ARTC.

LTGEN Kenneth Gillespie, COL Anthony Cotton, the mental health director for the DFPO, and RADM Graeme Shirtley, the surgeon general of the Defense Health Reserves, were some of the participants in the review. The focus groups also included the Executive Officer of the Recruit Training Centre, CAPT Sheldon Williams, and the Commanding Officer of the 1st Psychology Unit, CMDR Scott Craig.

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