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Lil Bo Weep Death: What Happened To Lil Bo Weep?

According to her father, who posted the news on Facebook, Lil Bo Weep, an Australian musician with more than 239,000 monthly Spotify listeners, passed away on Saturday after battling depression, trauma, and drug addiction.

Matthew Schofield said, “She battled valiantly against her demons as we all did side by side next to her, picking up the shattered pieces over and over again, until she could not fight any more and we lost her.

He said, “This weekend we lost the battle for my daughter’s life against despair, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction that we have been engaged in since we brought her back from America through emergency repatriation DFAT but shattered.

Lil Bo Weep traveled back to Australia from the United States in February 2021. She was back in Adelaide, where she was born and raised. According to Schofield Green, Lil Bo Weep was born on January 2, 2000, and she passed away on March 5, 2022.

Due to the abundance of music on Lil Bo Weep’s YouTube channel, about 3 million people viewed it. I write depressing music. She posted this on her TikTok account.

One of her most popular songs was this one: It’s alright, but not OK.

The performer said, “I composed this song for you.” “I simply need you at my side. I’m so exhausted and empty.”

A week before to her death, the Adelaide-based performer, whose father named her Winona Lisa Green, posted a selfie on Instagram. She talked about how her eating issue had harmed her fertility last year after she lost a kid.

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