Just draw it.

Mastering the Whiteboard With Skills You Learned in the 1st Grade

Just draw it.

Just draw it.

Being a skilled graphic artist or illustrator has nothing to do with mastering the art of using a whiteboard to facilitate the flow of a productive team meeting. Since I’m neither a graphic artist nor an illustrator, I tell myself that.

The drawing involved in the professional whiteboard use that is the focus of this series is so simple that a child as young as six could accomplish it. Furthermore, I am not using metaphorical language. You’ll see in this first installment that the sketching techniques I’ll be demonstrating are reminiscent of those taught in elementary school. In case you’re the kind to claim, “I can’t draw anything,” hear me out. You believed you could draw anything and anything when you were five years old.

What you’ll discover in this series is:

One is how to efficiently bring a group session to a close by using only a few words and some simple line forms and objects drawn on a whiteboard.
image of a cloud


You may easily recreate the above image with your own drawings. A great deal of money has been made by copying this form from a whiteboard. It wasn’t their ability to draw that did it, but rather the way in which they utilized this form on a whiteboard to create or convey an idea worth a billion dollars. That’s pretty much the whole premise of this series, except the billion bucks.

2. How to print letters and draw drawings as you could before you got that illegible cursive handwriting you have.

3. How to draw the only two sorts of visuals you need for a whiteboard session: “nouns” and “metaphors.”
scratch whiteboard icons key-6
4. How to make an effective alphabet of visual nouns and a gallery of visual metaphors for your enterprise or niche.
Six or six pictures in your wallet probably cover 99.99 percent of all situations you’ll ever face.
5. The best way to structure a whiteboard such that it facilitates the flow of ideas into the next stage of a project.
scratch whiteboard icons key-2
6. Methods and procedures for using a traditional whiteboard that can be transferred to virtual or interactive whiteboards.
Mastering the Whiteboard With Skills You Learned in the First Grade

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