What Does Perfectly Imperfect Mean?

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By Nouman

You are wonderful in all of your flaws. If you strive for perfection all the time, you can find yourself experiencing a lot of stress. However, no one is without flaws. We are all flawed individuals who are prone to making mistakes. Because we are human, that is perfectly acceptable. The concept of being “perfectly imperfect” refers to the idea that one may strive to be their best self while simultaneously accepting their shortcomings.
A lesson learned in a past life is to embrace yourself and the people you love despite the flaws that they have, and this is what is meant by the phrase “perfectly imperfect.”

Be the Perfectly Imperfection That You Are to Yourself

If you have a successful career, a large house, and a lovely wife, does that make you perfect? No, because everyone and everything has imperfections, flawless does not equate to beautiful or desirable. In the meanwhile, perfect has surpassed best. You are able to comprehend the fact that there is nobody in this entire planet who can be flawless.

Since no one is flawless, you should come to terms with the idea that you, too, will never be perfect; yet, you should strive to achieve the very best that you are capable of.

When you say “I’m perfectly imperfect,” it means that you are aware of the areas in which you fall short, and it may also be read as “I’m imperfect just like other people.” There is nothing in life that is without flaws. We’re not robots; we’re genuine individuals who become emotional and grouchy when we’re in a bad mood.

If you are willing to accept your shortcomings, you will be able to become the person you have always dreamed of being and bring happiness to yourself. It is not necessary to engage in activities that you despise in order to provide joy to other people. Therefore, I ask that you acknowledge and respect your flaws.

When introducing yourself, you may say something like “I’m perfectly imperfect.” Bear in mind that those defects are things that you have no control over and cannot alter, but other imperfections are something that you can work on and better.

2. Perfectly Imperfect to Others

When you tell someone, “You’re perfectly imperfect,” you are acknowledging that you accept their shortcomings and that just as you are flawed, so is the person you are speaking to. In addition to that, it is a euphemism for the compliment that you are the ideal fit for them.

Take, for instance, the scenario in which your stunning girlfriend confides in you, “My face is not perfect because of my big nose.”

The appropriate response would be something along the lines of “You are perfectly imperfect and I love everything about you.”

The following may be found in the lyrics of John Legend’s song “All of Me”:

“Because every part of me

3 All of you in particular.

Embrace every one of your nooks and crannies.

All of your wonderfully flawed perfections

Donate whatever you have to me.

I’ll offer my everything to you”

The lyrics imply that the boy is prepared to overlook all of his lover’s flaws since, in his opinion, these flaws make his sweetheart more beautiful and alluring. It is also an indication that the other person welcomes you in your current state.

Therefore, if you genuinely love someone in this life, you must accept her in her whole, including both the positive and negative aspects of her personality.


There is no escaping imperfection. Not even close to being perfect. Recognize that our individuality makes us completely flawed and embrace this fact. Each of us adheres to our own set of principles. When we become aware of the fact that we are lacking in a certain area, it motivates us to work toward improving ourselves and becoming the most perfectly imperfect version of ourselves that we can be. Read more: CLICK HERE.

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