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What to Know About Raunak Mehta Wife, Net Worth, Biography, and More

You’ve heard about “Raunak Mehta” while you’ve been here, and now you’re interested in learning more about him and his locations. Let’s start with some background information. Raunak Mehta is an unknown figure who avoided the media and the entertainment world until he met Deepika Kakkar. During a short period of time, Deepika and Raunak met, fell in love, and were wed. You may learn all about Raunak in this article, along with information on his previous way of life that gained notoriety after he wed Deepika Kakkar. He was Deepika Kakkar’s first spouse, and the two wed in 2013 before divorcing the following year. Deepika Kakkar was the name of Raunak Mehta’s wife.

Raunak Mehta’s biography

Raunak Mehta's

He publishes on most social networking sites under the pen name Raunak Samson. All of his friends and family refer to him by his nickname Chintu, which he goes by in real life, Raunak Mehta. He withheld his birthdate from the press. Raunak Mehta’s age was anticipated based only on his achievement and education, and it was said that he would be in his late 40s.

Information about Early Childhood and Education

He was raised in Bombay, India, where he was born and went to private school there. He carried on with his education at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He then went on to Texas to finish his master’s program in aeronautics. His primary occupation at the time was pilot. Anybody who has read Raunak Mehta’s biography is aware of his emphasis on his job and his aspiration to become a pilot.

Personal and professional details

When Raunak Mehta finished his further study overseas and came back to India, he was about 20 years old. He had many offers from other Indian airlines not long after his return. Raunak began working and furthered his profession while maintaining that spending time with his family and friends was his top priority. He was a guy who cherished his nation, and as a result, he returned to serve it immediately following his master. In addition to the nation, he is interested in Bollywood movies, plays, and the life of an actor.

Encounter between Raunak Mehta and Deepika Kakkar

When Deepika returned from Texas and started working, Raunak ran into her. At the time, both were employed with Jet Airlines India. Raunak was the flight attendant at the moment, and Deepika was the pilot. Due to his employment in Mumbai, Raunak is from Pune. When they first met, Deepika and Raunak have gotten along well. They were certain that once their relationship had begun, they had spoken to their families and would soon be married.

When Deepika decided she wanted to become an actor, the pair had been married for a long time. Raunak is pleased with his success in the entertainment sector and has a strong appreciation for acting and Bollywood. Raunak at that time accompanied his wife to all auditions and supported her in all of her actions.

The Raunak Mehta family

The lifestyles of Raunak and Deepika couldn’t be more dissimilar. Deepika works in the media sector, enjoys the attention she receives, and has a large following that are curious in her personal life. Raunak, on the other hand, is highly career-focused and put a lot of effort into becoming a pilot. There are therefore no specifics on his parents and siblings.

Value of Raunak Mehta

He is not from an exceptional or upper-class family, despite the lack of knowledge about the Raunak family. This indicates that he lacks a sizable inheritance and real estate necessary for riches. He handles his finances using the money he receives each month from his job as a clerk. Being a pilot, he would make between $77,000 and $1 lakh annually. He works for the government, making him eligible for benefits provided to all workers of the government.

Raunak Mehta’s first divorce

Several people confuse Deepika, Raunak Samson’s first wife, for his second spouse. 2010 saw Deepika working on her Lakshmi-starring television debut. She began to draw attention after that, but Raunak’s wife wasn’t particularly tall. Her acting abilities and career in the entertainment world started to grow after marriage. Making a huge career transition and entering a field where his ability was just beginning to take off was the right choice for him.

Raunak is really a regular person, but as soon as Deepika begins to draw attention, so does she. They dated for roughly two to three years, and their family situation is still very secretive. Raunak and Deepika are a loving couple who choose to live a quiet life away from the hubbub of other couples and the media. After their divorce in 2015, the media immediately turned its attention to the once-happy private couple. Let’s say you’re curious to learn more about Raunak Mehta’s wife or any other information.

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