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25 best pages to watch movies online for free

Who doesn’t like relaxing at home while watching a movie? Because of this, we have provided you with the top websites to watch movies online for free. There are so many that you won’t know which sites to visit to watch movies online since there are excellent possibilities on all of them. We present you the most comprehensive collections of ad-free, free movies available online, so review the one you like most.

25 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

Watch Free Movies Online

If you have already read our articles on how to unblock Netflix to watch movies from any country, download movies for free, or download movies through Torrent, we will leave you with another list of websites that you just cannot ignore. You may watch several full movies there for free from authorized sources, including some of the finest in cinema. Continue to read!


Despite several efforts to shut down the venerable Argentine web Cuevana, which has been online for many years, it often reappears with a new domain. Due to its extensive library of series and top movies, this website, which launched in 2009, is among the most popular.

This service provides both the most recent films and the standard classics for online movie viewing, so if you’re searching for your favorite film, it could be available. Being one of the most well-known, you may discover even the newest releases and obscure films within.


Despite being a new service, PelisgratisHD boasts an excellent assortment of movies. This website is dedicated to movies, TV shows, and other media in HD format, with audios available in English, Spanish, and Spanish. You may choose from a variety of filtering options to discover what you’re searching for fast.

It’s difficult not to locate what you’re searching for with such a large selection of series, films, dramas, and animes, particularly given that it features a helpful search engine at the top. You can easily locate the movies you enjoy most on this website since it has genre-based categories for all of the films.

Even if the interface and cover are a little bit overcrowded, it loads quickly and has excellent smoothness. Therefore, watching movies for free online is a great option.


It updates TV shows and movie releases less often than other services, but what it does post is of great quality, so it can be worth the wait if you want to watch TV shows and movies with high-quality sound and images.

Pelispedia displays information in its original language, with subtitles, and in a Spanish translation. Additionally, its huge library has a number of timeless films that are sometimes unavailable elsewhere. A great choice for free online streaming of movies and television shows.


We can quickly locate our favorite series or movies online thanks to a great range of the most recent training sessions and an effective search engine. In case any of its connections are unavailable, it provides a number of alternates.

While it is an all-encompassing movie website, Marvel and DC are its areas of expertise. As a result, if you like these series, this will be your go-to website to watch free movies online.


Interesting website that categorizes films and television shows by production company, genre, year, and year of release. It also has a separate area for DC and Marvel films. It is an excellent alternative that you should use because updates to its material are produced virtually at the same time that they happen on Netflix.


You may discover a wide variety of movies and TV shows on our website. Its unique feature is that it includes a list of the most well-liked items so you won’t miss out on any emerging trends. The repertoire is among the most comprehensive you can discover, and it offers material in its original language, with subtitles, or in Spanish dub.


Depending on the day, this website offers you both the programming and the free online series and movies if you like to watch your favorite TV show online. The schedule is updated often, and the UI is well-organized.

In addition to being completely free, the streaming platform does not need registration or the submission of any personal information. Of course, some advertisements will show up, but they are not as intrusive as other choices.


If anime and OVAs are more your style, you’ll find about everything you could ever want in that genre here, both in the native language with subtitles and in other languages. Of course, there are instances when you have to wait a few days before seeing the next episode and watch the advertisement. They provide you a membership in return, however you are not required to buy one.


You may choose just 1080p HD movies, subtitled movies, or only the most recent releases from a vast selection of free online movies. The platform’s primary distinction is that it is in English, yet despite this, it is still simple to use and comprehend.


It has a straightforward layout and focuses more on providing you with high-caliber videos, both new and old. There is a search engine with the option to filter results by age, gender, and other factors.

Although this website is now unavailable, it will soon provide previous seasons’ TV shows and films.


It’s the perfect website if you want everything to be clean and straightforward, with fantastic covers to discover movies and series fast, as well as indicating the quality of these, in case you choose to wait for the HD version to be released or you don’t care to watch it on low resolution version.

The catalog’s material is quite comprehensive and constantly updated, so you can quickly access the most recent releases.


Despite its several stumbles, CineCalidad keeps going and does not let us down. The benefit of this website is that you may view the most popular movies or save them as favorites to watch them at a later time without making further clicks.

Latin Spanish and English are both used for the audio. It also has a Telegram channel where you can stay up to date on news and releases.


We can’t leave out a classic like Miradetodo from our list. It doesn’t only concentrate on movies; you can also view recent episodes of shows in high definition. The internet isn’t working right now, but we’re hoping that as soon as it does, its makers will start up again and provide the huge selection of movies to which we’ve been used.


This website has a huge selection of movies but prioritizes quality over number. All of the movies are HD quality, so it’s worth a look.

The most well-liked films are shown on its cover. It also offers a decent selection of TV shows and categorizes them by year and genre.


Its straightforward design lets it load more quickly, making it perfect for poor connections. Although it requires registration to eliminate the adverts, we can still use it even if we don’t feel like doing so.

Its library includes Netflix and Disney+ original programs as well as a selection of the most well-liked shows and films. It is definitely a great option since you may tailor your search to your preferred genres.


One of the most well-known websites to watch movies online for free and appreciate the finest of cinema is this one. The design is a little dated, and there are a lot of adverts, which may be distracting.


The fact that this website is only in English is a drawback. However, in addition to providing video in 1080p, its collection is one of the greatest and most comprehensive.


The absence of obtrusive advertisements is a benefit of Kanopy. Universities or libraries that provide this service may subscribe to view its movie schedule.


Since 2013, Gnula has amassed an ever-expanding library of high-caliber films in both their native English and Spanish. However, the page currently contains flaws.


MoviesPlanet is the site for you if you enjoy English-language films. Its user interface is quick, easy, dependable, and has HD material.


The rating each movie received on the Rotten Tomatoes website is provided by Yidio. Be aware that not every material is free.


High-quality videos are available on this website. Additionally, you won’t be bothered by intrusive advertising. You may discover movies and TV shows here.


You may discover free movies on this website that are arranged by genre, such as action, suspense, and horror. Additionally, you may save time by reading the descriptions of each one before going inside.


If you’d rather view movies in their native tongue, this is a great alternative since it offers free English-language movies online.


It combines both new releases and well-known films, as well as animation and other characteristics, particularly if they have just been released in theaters. The welcome page collects all the releases so that you can quickly access them and is extremely quick to load.

If you are in Spain or another country with limited access, you can only view it using a VPN.

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